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What is SpeedForce Franchise?

India is a fast-growing market for the automobile industry. There is a substantial amount of growth seen in the two-wheeler automation industry. Within the last six years, the two-wheeler industry has shown an astonishing growth of 12% each year which shows how rapidly it is growing every day. However, there is a huge gap between the Sales and Servicing of 2W. There are about 9Crs. two-wheelers sold across the nation in the last six years and there are only 4 maintenance services given to two-wheelers each year. Manufacturers are focused on providing maintenance servicing with the warranty period and the local service stations lack in terms of providing a high quality of servicing for two-wheelers. For many customers, this was a huge matter of concern as they were spending more on getting good quality service for their two-wheelers.


Upon understanding and analyzing the servicing industry, we came up with a concept of “SpeedForce Franchise” which will act as a bridge between servicing and sales of two-wheelers. SpeedForce is a franchise model setup to “ORGANIZE THE UNORGANIZED SECTOR”. The main aim of the SpeedForce franchise is to spread across the nation and provide multiband two-wheeler maintenance services at affordable prices through a highly trained, skilled, and professional force that will make sure any two-wheeler gets the best quality service it deserves. Our service stations have come up with maintenance services like On-Road service, Doorstep service, and more for any two-wheeler under a roof to meet every customer’s needs. SpeedForce franchise through vigorous development and unmatched infrastructure has built service stations across India that are always high on returns and low on investment.


Why SpeedForce Franchise?

SpeedForce is a complete business model for any individual who is looking to kick start their entrepreneurial careers. SpeedForce franchise is a perfect venture to start your entrepreneurship as its low on investment and high returns. Our franchise has got your back from day one to make sure you start earning profits within the first few months itself. With our excellent sales, marketing, training, and support team, we will groom you into a successful entrepreneur you always wanted to become. You are going to join a family that is set to bring a revolution in the servicing industry. Come join the Force and experience Speed in every aspect of life.


  • Low Investment and High Returns
  • A Goodwill Of SpeedForce brand that is trusted across the nation
  • We help you set up your business in a perfect geographical location
  • Backed by years of research, experience and financial stability
  • A perfectly designed marketing strategy to kick start your business
  • A comprehensive sales team that makes sure you are always high on profits
  • A Supportive technical team that has solutions for everything
  • A workforce that is skilled and professional to make sure customers are always happy with the service you provide
  • Automobile Industry background not required


SpeedForce franchise leaves no stones unturned to make sure that your automobile business is perfectly launched into the market ensuring profits within the first few months of starting your entrepreneurship. SpeedForce franchise is committed to make you and your business a grand success.

  • Help you select a Site to set up your franchise
  • A complete package of marketing, branding, and promotions
  • Continuous development through timely audits
  • Market exposure through Annual meets and Seminars
  • Training modules and Cross Learning Programs that makes you customer-ready
  • Skilled technical support and a strong CRM System, ERP and mobile application that help you to keep your business on track


If you have a knack start an entrepreneurial business then, SpeedForce, a multi-brand two-wheeler servicing franchise is the right place to grow into a successful entrepreneur. And to start your journey with SpeedForce you must fulfill the below-mentioned requirements to start your very own SpeedForce Franchise

  • Investment of 7.5 lakhs to 10 lakhs
  • Minimum Area of 400 sqft- 1000 sqft in residential or semi-commercial areas with reasonable rental rates
  • A basic academic qualification
  • A keen interest in a service-based industry.
  • Follows a perfectly designed TAT Process
  • Passion for selling concepts and a basic knack for marketing.
  • Reasonable financial resources and backup
  • Adaptive and Pro-customer Attitude

Financial Data

To start a SPEEDFORCE franchise, an estimated below the sum of INR 7.5/10 lac will be required. These taxes as Applicable.

However, this sum does not include pre-operating expenses such as basic furniture, amenities, rental, staff cost, interiors, etc. A detailed financial break-even information chart is available separately.

Terms of Franchise Will be provided as per individual’s requirements



At SpeedForce Services we strive to provide the best levels of service to all our customers ensuring they enjoy a safe and pleasant riding experience.


    Frequently Asked Question

    Open your own two wheeler service station & become a part of SpeedForce Family.

    • Franchisee trainings
    • Technical support
    • IT support
    • Designing support
    • Operations support

    • India’s only international to operate in 3-states. • India’s largest 2 Wheeler service network in 26 states, 70+ cities/towns & 125+ outlets • Provide end to end solution with strong dedicated team on & off the ground.

    The most & best USP of SpeedForce is constant & regular updation of company & franchisee to provide best in class customer as well as vehicle services in the same endeavour, SpeedForce is future ready with upcoming initiatives like,
    • Providing free of cost electric vehicle charging stations
    • EV sales, spares, services & others...

    We provide end to end to end solution of 2 wheeler, some of the services comprise of as below mentioned.
    • Two wheeler servicing
    • Premium bike servicing
    • Spares
    • Oils
    • Battery
    • Accidental support
    • Brake down services
    • Insurance renewal
    • Claim settlements
    • PUC
    • AMC

    YES... recruitment is co-creation activity which will jointly done by franchisee & franchiser, where the company trains & recruit strong technical team also company provides full backup support of technicians in case of adversity & trains them time to time

    NO... SpeedForce is inda’s only company in franchisee model with NO ROYALTY MODEL.

    YES... as speedforce, we provide entire business model which includes
    • Setting up of an outlet with making a franchisee outlet into a profitable ventures, the cost includes entire mode of operations along with
    • Branding
    • Machineries
    • Tools & equipments
    • Stationeries
    • ERP software

    Premium Quality Services, Since 2005